5 Small Changes I Made to My Life to Become More Productive


5 Small Changes I Made to My Life to Become More Productive

Being productive is easy when you put in the work to achieve it

Being more productive is something most professionals are trying to do. Part of living a rewarding life means having and achieving goals, both personal and professionally. During my early days as an attorney I often burned the midnight oil at both ends – pushing myself to work hard. I thought this was how to be ‘productive’, but it wasn’t until my career progressed that I decided to change some of my habits. Without even knowing it, I had become far more productive, managing several companies and expanding our law firm dramatically.

Here are the changes I made that led to my productivity increasing:

1. Going to bed earlier


My entire life I’ve had an alarm to wake up to, but I had never thought of setting an alarm in the evening which tells me to get ready for bed. I implemented this technique, having a reminder go off every evening signalling me to get ready for bed. I’ve found that this ensures I get seven to eight hours of sleep, and that I am fully charged for the next day.

2. Taking time to decompress


Finding balance is so essential to becoming more productive. Being able to get out of work mode, especially on weekends, is a big first step towards living a more full life. For me personally, getting time away from the desk does a couple of things. (i) It lets me spend time with my family and friends, (ii) time exploring the outdoors and (iii) reinvigorates to make the most of my time at work.

3. Getting a passion outside of work

work life balance

Exploration has always been a passion for me. There is something about being in the wilderness, exploring nature, and taking in the sights. I started Backroad Mapbooks, largely due to my love of nature and the outdoors. This passion allows me to stay grounded and have outside perspective as I work the weekly grind of being a Personal Injury Lawyer.

4. Cleansing my email daily

clean email

Getting my inbox to zero every day has done wonders for my work levels. By responding to everyone who has emailed me, I’m able to stop tasks and communication spill out over several days. It gives me a ‘win’ and makes my evening relaxing, knowing that I won’t be burdened with a barrage of unread emails in the morning.

5. Setting blocks of time throughout the day to work uninterrupted

write in journal

This point really could have an article to itself. Time-blocking is my favourite productivity hack. I pick my highest priority task and work at it every day in a 90 minute window that I’ve cut out for myself. No interruptions, no meetings, no social media, just me and the task at hand.

What are you favourite productivity hacks/changes you’ve made to help yourself out? I’d love to hear in the comments.

Written by Wes Mussio of Mussio Goodman Law Group