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Can You Trust ICBC? What You Should Know About ICBC Adjusters

Wondering if you can trust ICBC when it comes to your claim?


The ICBC claim process can bring forward a lot of questions.

What should I know about ICBC claims?

Can I trust my ICBC adjuster?

Should I get a lawyer?

Like any big company with thousands of employees, you are going to come across a wide variety of personalities and approaches taken by the ICBC adjusters.  Usually, your initial claim will be assigned randomly to an adjuster based on workflow at the claim center and the location where you live/work.  You really do not have a lot of control over which adjuster is assigned to the file.

While some adjusters are genuinely concerned over injured claimants, you should never assume that the ICBC adjuster is working for you.  Some adjusters are good at making you think you can trust them to work in your best interest, but who are they working for? Although the adjuster may say you are the customer, the reality of the situation is that the adjuster’s performance is considered, in part, on how little the adjuster spends on your claim – this is important.

Two of the criteria under which an adjuster is marked on performance are “allocated expenses” and “severities”.  Allocated expenses are the amount the adjuster spends per file. This includes such things as ordering doctor reports, defense lawyer costs, etc… Severities is an adjusting term referring to the amount paid out per file. Adjusters want to keep that number as low as possible on claims.

Obviously, the lower the allocated expenses and severities are, the better the adjuster is ranked amongst his/her colleagues.  Hence, you may be mistaken if you think the adjuster is looking out for you. Unless the adjuster does not care about performance yardsticks or his/her personal success, chances are that the adjuster will be looking to minimize the amount paid out on your claim.


Remember, your ICBC adjuster works for ICBC, not for you.

ICBC wears two hats.  The first hat is where they suggest they are working for you to help you with your claim.  The second hat is where the adjuster is trying to minimize the amount paid out. This is regardless of what you truly deserve as a result of your injuries.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to trust ICBC and your adjuster when you have an injury claim.

Written by Wes Mussio of Mussio Goodman Law Group

Photo source: SvetaZi / Shutterstock