NDP “Flip Flop” on Pre-Election Promises Regarding ICBC

NDP’s David Eby is playing the blame game


David Eby, NDP’s AG, is attempting to blame ICBC’s financial woes on the BC Liberal government and their failure to follow through with the 2014 accounting report which recommended changes to the ICBC system, including Capping “minor” injury claims. He basically suggests that, had the NDP government been in power, they would’ve followed through with the recommendations and things would be different.

The BC Liberals already said they did not want to follow the recommendations of the report because that would have taken away rights of injured victims.  Mr. Eby suggests that the NDP would have followed the recommendations but yet that’s not true at all.

In February 2017, then NDP ICBC critic, Adrian Dix, in order to garnish votes for the upcoming election, wrote a letter confirming clearly the NDP’s position is “no to no fault and the like”. Adrien Dix made it clear that the NDP was in favour of other ways of saving money as he wrote “As John Horgan has said, the solution is not to take away or limit the legal rights of drivers as the Liberals seem ready to do after the election, but to restore ICBC to its non-profit status and listen to those that know best.” Adrien Dix then writes “It also means an aggressive campaign to make driving and the roads safer and reduce the number and severity of accidents.”

It seems that Mr. Eby has completely ignored the pre-election promises of his own party in basically only Capping “minor” injury claims thus taking away rights of  the injured victim.

Further, Mr. Eby is misleading the public by using the innocent card when he implies that the NDP did not know the ICBC financial situation. Again that’s not true at all. Adrian Dix, for the NDP, wrote in February 2017:

Until 2008, the Corporation achieved results in the public interest as a non-profit insurer while supporting, not limiting the legal rights of its customers.  Since 2008, under the Liberal government’s direction, ICBC has stopped operating as a non-profit insurer focused on service and instead has adopted the worst features of private insurance as its operating philosophy. Front-line service was reduced and front-line staff stripped of authority.

An aggressive and unsuccessful claims management strategy was adopted that has led to massive increases in unpaid claims liability – a key indicator of customer service. A strategy that leads to unresolved claims of injured customers is the opposite of what is needed. The results can now clearly be seen. Large increases in rates with a plan for a further 42% rate increase after the election, poor employee morale, a declining financial position and a lack of focus on reducing accidents.

It’s interesting that Mr. Eby has completely ignored the fact that it is ICBC’s own policies that have created the financial issues, something the NDP is well aware of. Instead of effecting changes at ICBC,  he implements a Cap on “minor” injuries as the solution, which it is not.

In summary, now that the NDP is in power, they are abandoning their pre-election promise of “no to no fault and the like” and further, ignoring the true reason behind the sudden financial problems of ICBC (i.e. their own aggressive claims policies).  Mr. Eby, please don’t play the blame game and admit to the “flip flop” of your party. Please show some accountability.