NDP’s No-Fault Scheme Rewards Bad Drivers

NDP’s No-Fault Scheme Rewards Bad Drivers

David Eby rewards bad drivers with increased benefits for being injured, despite the accident being their fault


Rookie AG David Eby did a rookie move. He acted before he listened to the experts. In so doing, he created a MORE EXPENSIVE system that will increase ICBC’s costs not lower them.

Here is why.

The bad driver, who creates the accident, now has access to a big increase in benefits he/she gets by slamming into another vehicle while texting, for example. Now bad drivers gets access to $760 a week tax free claiming an injury from their own poor conduct. Yes, and they get free treatment including some relaxing massages.

The Rookie NDP AG just created up to 50% more claimants by making it an incentive for bad drivers to jump on the injury bandwagon for a ride. Now, causing an accidents pays as the bad driver gets nearly equal compensation to his victims.

So unless ICBC basically denies coverages like they do so easily under the old system, Mr. Eby just added hundred of millions of expenses into ICBC’s books which we should call “the bad driving incentive program”. Oh and Mr.Eby just opened the door for a massive amount of Part VII lawsuits so he has just increased litigation costs not lowered them.

Mr. Eby next time listen and learn before you leap.

Written by Wes Mussio of Mussio Goodman Law Group